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Pet Cremation Service
Christchurch, New Zealand

Are you grieving the death of your beloved pet?

Do you want a caring, dignified cremation for him/her?

       Are you looking for a special urn, casket or Pet Memorial?


We can assist you at this difficult time. We offer:


An Individual pet cremation for your precious pet.

(Each pet is cremated one at a time.)

Pet Urns, Pet Caskets, Pet Crosses, Pet Memorial Cremation Pendants

Qualified Grief Support / Counselling
A caring farewell in a peaceful setting

Come direct to us for personal service

By Appointment Only
Pick up service available


About Us


Loving Tributes, Christchurch New Zealand is dedicated to providing your loved pet with the very best care and dignity they deserve, when their time finally comes to say goodbye.

As animal lovers we understand how devastating the death of a pet can be. We believe the bond we have with an animal can be as meaningful as many human relationships and therefore deserves the same recognition, care and respect in death, as is given when a human loved one dies.


Our Pet Cremation Service is unique. We offer your beloved pet the highest dignity and care of an INDIVIDUAL cremation. This means that your pet is cremated separately (not simultaneously with other animals in the cremation chamber), giving you total peace of mind.


Your pets ashes are then returned in a cardbox or engraved wood urn of your choice - along with a signed cremation certificate.

We offer a personal, "one on one" service, where each pet matters. Owners are able to bring their pet directly to Loving Tributes - set on a peaceful 2 acres near Lincoln (approx. 20 minutes from Hagley park, in the city). Gaelynn Beswick (Director) is a qualified counsellor, and meets each person / family . . . . . .


"As a lifelong animal lover I've loved and lost treasured pets. I've wrestled with the agonizing decision of whether or when to euthanize. I've grieved also, the loss of close human family members. Because of these loss experiences I have a particular interest in and empathy for, those who grieve.


I offer each person / family sensitive caring support, and believe in the importance in having the time you need, in which to say goodbye. (I am also able to offer further professional counselling at a later date, if this is required.)


Losing a pet can feel like losing a member of our family - a grief not always understood by others. How often have we heard the statement: 'It was only a dog . . . or a cat.'? Grief for a cherished pet is as valid as any other grief. It's important to acknowledge these feelings and commemorate the death of our pet in whatever way is appropriate to each of us."





If you prefer to say farewell to your beloved pet from your own home or from your veterinary clinic, Loving Tributes offers a pick up service in the Christchurch area. Your pet stays safe in our care, and will be given the same dignity of an individual cremation. If you prefer, we can also personally return your pets ashes to your home or veterinay clinic -in your choice of urn, along with the cremation certificate.


Please contact us for pricing


IMPORTANT: If arranging cremation through your Vet, please let them know you wish to use LOVING TRIBUTES Pet Cremation service.




(Cost for cremation depends on the weight of your pet)

For ash return in a blue cardboard urn


<10kg .............. $155

10 - 25kg......... $195

25 - 35kg..........$265



For urns, please refer to URNS.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not have eftpos/visa. Payment is required before leaving your pet with us.




By Appointment Only




This can be arranged. Please contact us for pricing. Conditions apply.



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