09 Aug 2015

Our Millie

People always say you will know when “that decision” needs to be made for your best friend.  Millie was our best friend and had been in our family for 16 and a half years. Our children had grown up with her.  She was a Jack Russell and her life began on the farm.  Riding around […]

23 Jun 2015


I am as sad as I have ever been in my 55 years and with the heaviest heart!  Our Dog Tori, our not so old GSP chap died, at home in front of the fire, peacefully and with complete dignity, in both Catherine and my arms last Friday morning at 9.15. He was diagnosed with […]

13 Jun 2014

Dear Shamus – almost fifteen wonderful years

I held my treasured boy as he quietly went to sleep for the last time.  He was gone in seconds, peacefully, painlessly and most importantly with dignity. It had  been getting more difficult for him to get up and he was struggling.  On that last night I tried to lift him and for the first […]

20 May 2013


Gracie was uniquely marked with her black head and face – a champion Pointer winning many times.   She came to live with me when she befriended my Lab Shamus and it became evident she had no intention of being a Show Girl any longer.  She was like that – intelligent, determined and stubborn in a stunningly, confident […]

20 May 2013


Helene was a much-loved Alaskan husky who traveled the world racing as a sled dog. She was born in Norway and spent her early years racing for a top Norwegian musher. She then raced in Alaska for a few years which is when I (Mark), first met her. I later became her owner and used her as my main lead […]

21 Apr 2013


Asha was a gentle soul.  He had been a healthy wee chihuahua pup who would have grown up and brought sunshine to eveyones lives who met him – as he did in the 18 short days he had with us.  I tube fed him every two hours through the day and three hourly at night.  […]

06 Nov 2012


My name is Maxwell. I was black – though mostly grey before I died at 17 years. When I was just little, a young girl took me home. Her Mum came from China and her Dad from Vietnam. Our home though was Christchurch, New Zealand. The father didn’t want me. He kicked me and said, […]