09 Aug 2015

Our Millie

The Surrogate Mother

The Surrogate Mother

People always say you will know when “that decision” needs to be made for your best friend.  Millie was our best friend and had been in our family for 16 and a half years. Our children had grown up with her.  She was a Jack Russell and her life began on the farm.  Riding around on the motor bike was her daily routine –  she hated being left at home, far preferring to be involved in everything we did.  This little  “Rat Dog,” as she was nick named, was usually first in the truck – front seat I might add,  her front legs up on the dash board ready to go.  The lake, camping,  fishing in the boat, wallaby, rabbit hunting, she did it all .

The week before we had to make “that decision,” she had fallen into our open fire resulting in 3rd degree burns to her back leg . We always said as she got older we would never let her suffer for our benefit, so after this we all had to make that agonising decision.  She wasn’t coping at all well and then infection began to set in, so we had to do what was best for her.

The Overseer

The Overseer

She looked at me and her eyes said, “ okay I have had enough.”

People tell you it’s the right thing to do, but it’s just so very hard to make that decision as you’re saying goodbye to your best friend; the one that’s kept you company for 16 years;  the one that never answers back;  the one that always wants to go with you;  the one that sits on your knee every night and the one that sleeps in your bed.  Yes Millie slept in our bed every night, so we often think that’s why she was so well !!

We made the right decision for Millie but our house feels empty without her. We miss her not scratching on the door wanting in or out; throwing her food bowl around to let us know it’s empty and the looks she gave when wanting to share our food !!

"Hurry up, I'm ready!"

“Hurry up, I’m ready!”

We were then faced with another decision.  Millie had always been with us so it didn’t feel right to bury and leave her up the hill all alone. This is when we contacted Loving Tributes.  The service Gaelynn offers, is nothing but exceptional.  Right from the very first email she was so understanding and knew what we were feeling . This decision was right for us.  So if you are reading this, before you make “that decision,” or after you have lost your best friend,  be assured you and your  best friend  will be treated with understanding and dignity !!

Thank you Gaelynn from us all!!

Sandy & Donald